with JON L
WEDNESDAYS 6:00-7:00pm

Jon explores ways to deepen your meditation practice and bring more creativity into your life.  He encourages you to make a commitment to take time for yourself and bring peace into your life and the world around you. 

Supporting Meditation Practice in Our Community

The intention of Wednesday Night Meditation is to support your practice and practice in the community. It is open to anyone with no experience required and there are several long time practitioners that attend as well. Wednesday night session begins with introductions and a reading, talk, discussion or exercise that lasts 30 minutes. The meditation is 30 minutes with about five minutes of guided instruction at the beginning and end.  

The Guiding is meant to share enough instruction so that a beginner can practice and have some experience of what meditation can be. It is not necessary to follow the instruction any further than is useful for you and experienced practitioners may have their own method of practice. It is the holding of the space and the energy of the Sangha (group) and not the technique that performs the intention of Wednesday Night Meditation.

The guiding is divided into three separate areas: Relaxing and bringing awareness into the body, setting an intention or quality of appreciation, and providing a focus both with the breath and with two energy centers in the body , the heart and the point above the eyebrows. The heart is used to help establish appreciation and create its flow into the practice. The point above the eyebrows is used as a focus point and place to return to when the mind does wander. Using two energy points is not as simple as using just one, but it has the potential to help recognize the qualities available in both as well as beginning to experience flow of energy in the body. The guidance at the end of the meditation is to bring attention to the awareness that has become accessible during practice, to promote loving kindness and self acceptance, and to set intention to bring the benefits into our daily lives. Please use what you find useful.

Anyone new to mindfulness and meditation practice is encouraged to ask questions about how to establish a practice and get answers to any questions about their experience. Support and instruction for your practice is given freely.

Click here for Jon's list of recommended reading.




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